UK Manufacturers of Bespoke Timber Windows and Doors


When choosing your windows and doors products, timber is the most environmentally friendly option. They are biodegradable and absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.

Recent studies have found that when properly protected with paint or wood stain, factory finished timber windows last twice as long as other raw materials. Our windows also support top-end, performance double glazing; ensuring that any loss of energy is further minimised – keeping heat inside the home where it is most beneficial.

Less Waste

Engineered timber is produced by joining wood sections together to create one piece of timber which is strong and very durable. This use of wood sections means that knots can be cut out whilst the remainder of the wood is used. The knot-free multi-layered timber that is left is fantastically strong, more of the wood is used and waste is reduced even further.

Protective Measure

The longevity of the window, or door, requires a thorough application of paint or wood stain to protect the wood from any moisture. Our environmentally friendly water-based paints and stains contain no solvents and are spray applied before assembly. This delivers the most thorough protection and ensures your products will be low maintenance during their lifetime.


Our timber windows are a great choice for people who want to help lessen their impact on the planet, we use sustainable European Redwood timber as standard in all our windows and doors.

The use of European Redwood fulfils several requirements, it is easily grown and grows with few knots, the wood itself is naturally water resistant and the tree grows beautifully straight – making it easy to process with little waste.  It provides a steady supply of wood for all uses – it has been used for construction purposes for many years.