UK Manufacturers of Bespoke Timber Windows and Doors



Over the last few years, people are becoming much more aware of the environment, causing a rise in demand for timber windows and doors. After a substantial amount of research and 15 years of experience buying products from suppliers, the directors of Sash Windows London Limited decided to form Nine Zero Trading as a sister company, starting a joint venture in the heart of Cornwall and began manufacturing timber products in 2017.

With the help of a skilled and committed workforce and a number of successful decisions, the company has been able to invest and extend from a relatively small joinery premise to a large adjoining factory. Combining age-old tradition and craftsmanship with the latest in CNC technology, Nine Zero manufactures the highest quality timber windows and doors on the market with long term guarantees.


As we are all very aware our planet is threatened by severe climate change. The earth’s global temperature is warming, meaning that weather patterns and ecosystems are changing more quickly than people can adapt. This is fixable. We have the knowledge and technology to help reduce the impact on our climate.

Timber products generate a lot less waste. Selecting the right raw material and glazing is key to reducing your environmental impact on the earth. Research has shown that timber windows are between 14-25% less expensive when considered over the ‘whole life’ cost.


By choosing timber products for your home or property, you are helping to save operational energy over the life of your building. Using FSC certified engineered Redwood and Red Grandis timber wherever possible, our products are made from sustainable and renewable materials.

Wood is the only naturally renewable mainstream building material and it is our obligation to source all the timber we use from responsible sources who are FSC certified.


Replacing your windows is now more necessary than ever as our homes create a huge amount of CO2 output. At Nine Zero, we provide high-performance A-rated products that deliver solutions for sustainable living.

At the Nine Zero factory, we actively work to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. We recycle all our timber waste on the surrounding farms and provide a source of renewable energy to the local dwellings. We have also selected Good Energy as our energy suppliers, due to their huge efforts in tackling climate change. All of their electricity comes from certified renewable sources like solar, wind, hydro and biofuel.